15 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial

15 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Are you skipping the wrapping paper this holiday season and trying to use alternatives? Fabric bags are pretty awesome, and this drawstring bag is super quick to make up. I just did a bunch of them all assembly line style and I made 15 in 2 hours… that’s 8 minutes each! I actually love to […]

Patchwork Greeting Cards Tutorial from Muse of the Morning

Patchwork Greeting Cards Tutorial

These cards are so sweet and fun! And this is a great way to use up those little scraps of the fabric that you just love, but they’re too tiny to use for anything else! Ready to learn how to make them? Let’s go! You’re going to need your scrap fabric, a gluestick and some […]

5 ways to gather fabric with Muse of the Morning - by hand, with your sewing machine and with your serger

5 Ways to Gather Fabric

Gathering is an important skill to know in sewing. BUT. It can be tedious, especially when working with lots of fabric. I’ve rounded up some awesome posts with tutorials and tips on gathering. Prudent Baby shows us the classic method, or “right way” to gather fabric with a sewing machine. Of course, gathering was done […]

Here's A Quick Serging Tip from Muse of the Morning

Here’s A Quick Serging Tip

Ok, am I the only one who stresses out about wasting thread when I’m serging? My serger manual says that after I serge a length, I should serge 4 inches off of just thread. It just seems like such a waste to me. I feel like I’m always going through so much thread! But maybe […]

How to sew a Faux French Seam - a tutorial from Muse of the Morning

How to sew a Faux French Seam – a tutorial

First, what’s a French Seam? A French seam is a type of seam where the raw edges are completely encased in the seam allowance. Why use a French Seam? A French seam can be good to use on really lightweight fabrics, which might unravel easily. French seams look very tidy and professional and is very […]