More paper garland fun ideas and tutorials from Muse of the Morning

More Paper Garland Fun Ideas

A couple weeks ago, I posted a really easy tutorial to make a sewn paper garland. Now, I want to share with you, some more ways to make paper circle garlands. So, in the last post, I showed you how to make a simple paper garland with just a basic circle. You can take a […]

Simple Sewn Paper Garlands Tutorial from Muse of the Morning

Tutorial: Simple Paper Circle Garlands

I love garlands. You probably knew that, what with the pom-pom garland and the wool felt shape garland tutorials that I have already posted here on the blog – plus the giant pinterest board where I have collected tons of garland ideas. Anyway. Yes. Garlands=love around here. Here’s another garland idea that’s so simple, you […]

15 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial

15 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Are you skipping the wrapping paper this holiday season and trying to use alternatives? Fabric bags are pretty awesome, and this drawstring bag is super quick to make up. I just did a bunch of them all assembly line style and I made 15 in 2 hours… that’s 8 minutes each! I actually love to […]

Decorate Cloth Napkins for Mother's Day - A Tutorial from Muse of the Morning

Decorate Cloth Napkins for Mother’s Day – A Tutorial

Mother’s Day is coming up quick! Are you ready? If you haven’t thought of what to make yet, I have a fabulous idea for you. These napkins are super easy and a lot of fun for the whole family. I made some for my Mom last year and she says they’re her favorite. All you […]

Patchwork Greeting Cards Tutorial from Muse of the Morning

Patchwork Greeting Cards Tutorial

These cards are so sweet and fun! And this is a great way to use up those little scraps of the fabric that you just love, but they’re too tiny to use for anything else! Ready to learn how to make them? Let’s go! You’re going to need your scrap fabric, a gluestick and some […]