How To Make Your Own Stamp - a tutorial from Muse of the Morning

How To Make Your Own Stamp!

Hand carved stamps can come in really handy in fiber arts and crafty businesses. You can use them for printed labels or packages inserts, wrapping paper, not to mention printing your own fabric designs! I fell in love with block carving way way back in my collage and assemblage days. That was before Lil’ Miss […]

Creativity: Imagination + Action

I want to share a bunch of ideas about how to be more creative, but before I do that, let’s get a good understanding of what creativity actually is. I would say that most people’s idea of creativity generally matches this definition: “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of […]

Art Activities For Any Unit

Sometimes you just can’t find a perfect activity to fit the theme that you’re working with. Here are art activities that you can adapt for any unit. How To Adapt These Activities To adapt these activities to any unit that you’re working on- encourage the children to create something that reminds them of the unit […]

Easy Image Transfers from Muse of the Morning

Easy Image Transfers

Image transfers are a really easy way to spice up an altered art project. They are really easy to do with easily obtained supplies! Supplies: acetone cotton balls receiving paper a photocopied image to transfer (this must be an image that has been photocopied, it cannot be printed from your computer, or taken from a […]

Learn About Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Back in my Nervousness days (anyone remember Nervousness?), I made a lot of ATCs and mail art. They’re probably out there buried in a bunch of ATC or mail art collections (my username was wundergirl back then if anyone has one). Now that I have a studio, time and artistic energy again, I’ve been making […]