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We specialize in creating sewing patterns and embroidery designs for free-spirited children and natural minded mamas. Our sewing patterns are true to size and easy to sew. Our embroidery designs are perfect to add to your next project or to simply stitch up for relaxing enjoyment. Also check out our Free Tutorials & Patterns! Take a look around!

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Free Printable Embroidery Stitch Binder Ring Booklet from Muse of the Morning

Embroidery Stitches Binder Ring Booklet – Page 2

Last week, I shared the first page in a booklet of embroidery stitches designed to go on a binder ring and hang out in your embroidery basket for whenever or wherever you happen to be embroidering! Today, I’m sharing the second page. These stitches are some more of my most used and favorite stitches. Well, […]

A New Embroidery Design – Introducing Stitching Bliss!

One of my favorite things to do in the evening is to plop on the couch, turn on the fire, light some candles and stitch up an embroidery design while watching a fun show. I love using variegated threads like these Color Variations from DMC because I just choose a skein that seems to fit […]

Free Printable Embroidery Stitch Binder Ring Booklet from Muse of the Morning

Free Printable: Embroidery Stitch Binder Ring Booklet – Page 1

Are you ever out somewhere doing some embroidery and you can’t remember a certain stitch and you kind of need to know right now, but all your embroidery books are at home? This happens to me all the time. I’ve got a solution for you. This is my binder ring booklet. It’s a FREE printable […]

2016 Holiday Ornament Collection - a hand sewing pattern from Muse of the Morning

New Pattern: 2016 Holiday Ornament Collection

Ok, ok, I know I say this a lot, but I really really love this pattern! I love all the embroidered details and all the fun color combos that you could come up with! I have been making my kids each a new ornament every year to add to their holiday tree collection. That way […]

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Hi! I'm Chrissy. I'm an urban homesteading, radical homemaking, wool felt dyeing, weaving, embroidering and stitching mama of two homeschooled hooligans. I design embroidery and sewing patterns for free-spirited kids clothes and toys! Grab a glass of kombucha and settle in to find all sorts of fun inspiration for creativity and fiber arts here on my site!
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