Sew & Sell and Copyright Policy

All Muse of the Morning patterns are copyright the year they were released by Christine Leiberan-Titus. Under copyright law, no part of the pattern pieces or accompanying instructions, photographs or diagrams may be copied, duplicated or reproduced in any form, including photo copying, tracing, scanning or taking photographs. You may of course, print out the pattern or make a tracing for your own use. No copies of the pattern may be sold or traded.

Original pattern purchasers only may sew and sell items from their Muse of the Morning craft art sewing pattern with no licensing fees. Mass production and/or large scale manufacturing of items from Muse of the Morning patterns is prohibited without the designer’s permission. Although we appreciate sellers using the name of the pattern in their listing and giving us a link back, it is not required. Woven MOTM tags to attach to finished items will be available soon.

Re-selling of PDF files is prohibited by law.

Sew & Sell Club
Sew & Sellers who use quality materials and sew top notch items from MOTM patterns may become members of our Sew & Sell Club. Joining the club is free with approval. As part of the Sew & Sell Club, members will be promoted on the MOTM website and are able to use the MOTM sewist approval graphics.

Sew & Sellers in the Sew & Sell Club represent the high quality patterns found at MOTM. They submit several photographs from each pattern they wish to sell from to show their skilled sewing. Close up photos of stitching and hemming are required.

See the Approved Sew & Seller’s Club Members

Join The MOTM Sew & Sellers Club
To join the Sew & Sellers Club, sewists should email their intention to cs AT museofthemorning DOT com by copying the form below into their email and filling it out completely. In addition, please attach photographs of items made with MOTM patterns. Photos should show close ups of top stitching, inner stitching, hemlines, necklines, applique, embellishment or fastener attachment and embroidery. The photos should show the sewist’s mastery of the pattern.

Please include this form in your email:
Store Name:
Store URL:
Email Address:
MOTM patterns you have mastered:
If you would like to display an advertising banner, please include one that is 150x150px in your email.

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