Free Printable Embroidery Stitch Binder Ring Booklet from Muse of the Morning

Free Printable: Embroidery Stitch Binder Ring Booklet – Page 1

Are you ever out somewhere doing some embroidery and you can’t remember a certain stitch and you kind of need to know right now, but all your embroidery books are at home? This happens to me all the time. I’ve got a solution for you. This is my binder ring booklet. It’s a FREE printable […]

2016 Holiday Ornament Collection - a hand sewing pattern from Muse of the Morning

New Pattern: 2016 Holiday Ornament Collection

Ok, ok, I know I say this a lot, but I really really love this pattern! I love all the embroidered details and all the fun color combos that you could come up with! I have been making my kids each a new ornament every year to add to their holiday tree collection. That way […]

Mini Four Seasons Bunting Hand Sewing or Needle Felting Pattern from Muse of the Morning

New Pattern: Mini Seasons Buntings

I am really in love with this technique of needle felting one sheet of felt to another! It really makes for some neat effects I think, with the letters on a solid color background, like in these buntings, and also with the Happy Birthday Bunting pattern. Unlike the Birthday bunting though, these buntings are pretty […]

Happy Birthday Bunting - A pattern from Muse of the Morning - with instructions for needle felting, hand sewing and machine sewing

A Happy Birthday bunting… a new project for you!

A few days before their very special day, the birthday person gets to open up our special birthday box and pull out the special birthday decorations. I try to add something to it for each birthday, but right now, it includes a crocheted crown, a handmade garland, a fancy plate for the birthday cupcake and […]

The Beachcomber Skirt PDF sewing pattern from Muse of the Morning

Introducing the Beachcomber Skirt Sewing Pattern

Well I think it’s high time for a new pattern to be released! What do you think? This adorable skirt is called the Beachcomber Skirt because it’s perfect for strolling along the beaches and gathering treasures. Or it’s great for walking in the woods and gathering little things to put on the nature table. This […]