Live In the Sunshine Embroidery Design from Muse of the Morning

New Embroidery Design: Live In the Sunshine

I really love inspirational quotes. I really love it when they look really neat. And I really love it when they’re hanging on my wall. This quote, in particular really resonates with me. I’ve seen a lot of different variations of art done with this quote and there’s a lot of really neat stuff. I […]

Sprout Snugz - a mini stuffie sewing pattern from Muse of the Morning - SnugzDollz

Introducing Snugz Dollz – meet Sprout Snugz!

Snugz Dollz are tiny lovable dwarfs, filled with magic, who like to be snuggled, hugged, and squeezed. Once upon a time, there was a village of tiny dwarfs who lived deep inside the mountains. They worked dutifully, protecting the precious gems and metals that ran through the earth. One day, as they were working, they […]

RESIST - and embroider pattern from Muse of the Morning - all proceeds go to the ACLU

RESIST. It’s Time.

I know this is a bit out of my norm (if it can be said that I even have a norm! lol I go back and forth between posting a lot and nothing pretty regularly)- usually I post tutorials on Tuesdays and products on Thursdays, but I felt like this one was too important. So […]

Do All Things With Kindness - an embroidery design by Muse of the Morning

Do All Things With Kindness – embroidery design

It’s a great to be reminded of this lovely concept that we can all aspire too. One of my favorite ways to stitch is to fill in with back stitch. The letters in this design are stitched with a back stitch, and then filled in with more back stitch. It gives a lovely texture to […]

Stitching Bliss Embroidery Design - Star Flower by Muse of the Morning

New Stitching Bliss: Star Flower

You may recognize this new design. After I created last year’s ornament collection pattern, I thought that one of the designs would make a really lovely Stitching Bliss design as well! So I turned it into one. I think it turned out great. The great thing about most of the Stitching Bliss designs is that […]