why I sew and how I got started with Muse of the Morning

Why I Sew

I’m joining up with some lovely lady bloggers today to talk about Why I Sew. I’m not sure my story or reasons are exciting or new, but I hope you’ll find my photos amusing! You guys also get a special treat- not one, but TWO very rare photos of me on the blog today!! I […]

Decorate Cloth Napkins for Mother's Day - A Tutorial from Muse of the Morning

Decorate Cloth Napkins for Mother’s Day – A Tutorial

Mother’s Day is coming up quick! Are you ready? If you haven’t thought of what to make yet, I have a fabulous idea for you. These napkins are super easy and a lot of fun for the whole family. I made some for my Mom last year and she says they’re her favorite. All you […]

5 ways to gather fabric with Muse of the Morning - by hand, with your sewing machine and with your serger

5 Ways to Gather Fabric

Gathering is an important skill to know in sewing. BUT. It can be tedious, especially when working with lots of fabric. I’ve rounded up some awesome posts with tutorials and tips on gathering. Prudent Baby shows us the classic method, or “right way” to gather fabric with a sewing machine. Of course, gathering was done […]

Resources for the Renaissance Maiden Outfit from Muse of the Morning

Resources for the Renaissance Maiden Outfit

This post is resources for the recently released Renaissance Maiden outfit – you can purchase the pattern here in the shop! Fabric Choices The general problem with children is that the grow so quickly. Before I designed this pattern, I never wanted to use nice fabrics on my daughter’s garb because she’d wear it for […]

Here's A Quick Serging Tip from Muse of the Morning

Here’s A Quick Serging Tip

Ok, am I the only one who stresses out about wasting thread when I’m serging? My serger manual says that after I serge a length, I should serge 4 inches off of just thread. It just seems like such a waste to me. I feel like I’m always going through so much thread! But maybe […]