Resources for the Renaissance Maiden Outfit from Muse of the Morning

Resources for the Renaissance Maiden Outfit

This post is resources for the recently released Renaissance Maiden outfit – you can purchase the pattern here in the shop! Fabric Choices The general problem with children is that the grow so quickly. Before I designed this pattern, I never wanted to use nice fabrics on my daughter’s garb because she’d wear it for […]

Painting Mushroom Houses

Ah, the glorious days of summer…. I do love painting and doing art projects out of doors! I bought these sweet little mushroom houses from Clickity Clack (no affiliation, I just love them!) on etsy a really long time ago. My intent was to paint them up and give them as gifts to my kids. […]

19 adorable easter inspirations for boy outfits, boy easter outfits tutorials

19 Easter Outfit Inspirations & Tutorials For BOYS!

Boys totally get left out of the cuteness parade sometimes huh? There are tons and tons and tons of outfits out there for girls. Tutorials are a dime a dozen! Tutorials for boy things are a lot harder to find. Now that I have a little guy, I’m a lot more interested in this deficiency […]

Muse of the Morning Easter dress round up

Round Up: Beautiful Easter Dress Inspiration

Easter is a few short days away and so naturally I am just getting to the special outfits for my kids. First up, because I have an idea for it, is Lil’Miss’s dress. I remember getting a new dress for Easter every year- I remember white hats and frills and white sandals… so I try […]

Book Review: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day

This is a review I posted over on Herb N Growth- so if you’ve seen it already I have a question for you at the end. If you didn’t follow that blog- then it’s all new to to you!! I’ve heard about the bread in this book for some time now. Some of my online […]