Patchwork Greeting Cards Tutorial from Muse of the Morning

Patchwork Greeting Cards Tutorial

These cards are so sweet and fun! And this is a great way to use up those little scraps of the fabric that you just love, but they’re too tiny to use for anything else! Ready to learn how to make them? Let’s go! You’re going to need your scrap fabric, a gluestick and some […]

Make your own firestarters as holiday gifts for people who have wood stoves! from Muse of the Morning

Handmaking The Holidays: Super Easy Last Minute Firestarters!

Check out this adorable tree stacker tutorial that Heather did over at Feather’s Flights! That is super cute! Today is the last tutorial post of Handmaking The Holidays. So sad. Tomorrow I will have a round-up of all the amazing round ups and tutorials that we’ve done. And then it will practically be Christmas! In […]

A Gardener's hand scrub tutorial from Muse of the Morning

A Gardener’s Hand Scrub

I’m spending a lot of time working in the garden these days, usually with bare hands and flip flops on my feet. This means for dirty hands, fingernails and feet. I really don’t like how dirty the heels of my feet get so I put together this hand and foot scrub. I was inspired by […]

Kool-Aid Dyed Wool Felt Shape Garland from Muse of the Morning

Kool Aid Dyed, Wool Felt Garland Tutorial

Speaking of garlands, I think that this one from MADE was the first one I saw and I just had to make one just like it. Well, not *just* like it. I have to put my own spin on it of course! So, this tutorial was born. I went to pull some wool felt out […]

My "go-to" half-whole wheat bread recipe with directions for rosemary rolls - from Muse of the Morning

My “Go-To” Half Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

8.5 oz hot water (1c + 1tbsp) 3 tbsp honey (optional) 1.5 c white flour (or bread flour) 1.5 c whole wheat flour 1.5 tbsp dry milk 2 tbsp butter 2 tsp active dry yeast 1. Add ingredients into your bread maker in the order that the manufacturer suggests. For a more sandwhich-y bread, leave […]