It’s Birthday Week!!

Little Mister Man’s birthday is coming up on Saturday and we have a whole week of getting ready. This will be the first birthday that isn’t also at a crazy busy time of year in this house and I’m really excited to show off our house. ‘Course it’s not much to look at I suppose… […]

What I Love About Being A Mom….

…. Well, this is just one of the things…. I know I said my next post was going to be about my studio storage solutions, but then Easter happened and I had such a good day, I just wanted to share about it! On Tuesday, I promise I will post about the storage ideas!! One […]

April Fools!!

I’m not really into April Fools. I don’t really like the joke playing. But this year Lil’ Miss has really been getting into it. She wanted to make a joke to play on The Hubs and has been bugging me to do it for… about 2 weeks now. We finally got everything we needed and […]

What We’ve Been Doing This Summer…..

Well, things are getting underway for our join up with ArtistryCreates in October, but it’s been remarkably hard to get into a rhythm for summer. I’ve been transferring over all the links and goodies and working on a brand new pattern! It’s pretty exciting. We’ve also been enjoying the cool summer, and the random hot […]

Notes on The Journey….

Since I bought my first computer, I’ve been searching for my place on the interwebs. I’ve had many different websites- free ones in the beginning, and then ones I paid for the hosting. I think that a major thrill is just designing a new site, exploring the powers that a little PHP and CSS give […]