Summer Cool Camp: A Field Trip To The Farm

Yesterday, I borrowed K and J’s Mom’s van and we took a field trip out to a farm. I’m not sure I’d call this a real farm- they do grow some stuff, but they bring in the majority of what they sell there and they have a ton of processed stuff. It’s one of those […]

Giveaway Winner & A Little Day Trip

I wanted to get this out sooner, but our little family has been pretty busy lately enjoying summer. I’ll tell you about that in a second. First, I want to let you know who the winners are from the Matryoshka and Gnomes Giveaway! Winners were chosen with I asked entrants to tell me why […]

Introducing Summer Cool Camp: Getting Ready

*** Breaking News! The Matryoshka and Gnomes Giveaway ends in just over 2 hours, so be sure to get your entry in quick quick quick!! I’ll close comments at noon and let you know who the winner is tomorrow!! Woo hoo!! Ok, onto the post: *** So. I had our whole summer all planned out […]

Have a Family Dance Party, complete with playlist - from Muse of the Morning

Family Dance Party

Today we have a guest post by Julian, one of the bloggers at Growing Up Gamers. Julian also happens to be The Hubs. LOL. He’s a great writer and he has some fun ideas to keep our family creative! Julian is a game designer with his own studio, Escapade Games. He and his business partner […]

Treasure Baskets For Babies & Toddlers - from Muse of the Morning

Treasure Baskets For Babies & Toddlers

The way babies learn about the world is directly through their senses- by picking things up and looking at them, feeling them, listening to them, mouthing them, smelling them. The treasure basket, also called a sensory basket is a Montessori concept, it’s a low round basket that is filled up with various items to stimulate […]