Make your kids a whole bunch of adorable appliqued tshirts for their summer wardrobe as part of the Make Laundry Don't Do Laundry Blog Tour- post by Muse of the Morning

Brand New Shirts Super Fast: An Applique Tutorial

We all hate doing laundry right? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I actually don’t mind washing things, but folding. Just forget about it. So instead, I’m going to make some laundry! I’m joining up with a bunch of other awesome bloggers who are also making a lot of laundry this week instead […]

Tutorial: Polka-Dot Shoes from Muse of the Morning

Tutorial: Polka-Dot Shoes

Spring is the perfect time to spice up your kicks for a little fun! This is an easy and fun project to do just that! You’ll need: – a pair of basic cloth sneakers – acrylic paints – a couple of pencils with erasers To get started, squeeze a little of each acrylic paint color […]

12 awesome and amazing birthday party theme ideas - a round up from Muse of the Morning

12 Great Birthday Party Ideas

We’re taking a weekend break from the blog tour, but you can still enter the giveaway while you wait for more posts! In the meantime, enjoy this inspiration post! First, bringing back my weekly round ups is a goal that I want to work on. This seemed like a good time, and since Mr.Man’s birthday […]

19 adorable easter inspirations for boy outfits, boy easter outfits tutorials

19 Easter Outfit Inspirations & Tutorials For BOYS!

Boys totally get left out of the cuteness parade sometimes huh? There are tons and tons and tons of outfits out there for girls. Tutorials are a dime a dozen! Tutorials for boy things are a lot harder to find. Now that I have a little guy, I’m a lot more interested in this deficiency […]

Muse of the Morning Easter dress round up

Round Up: Beautiful Easter Dress Inspiration

Easter is a few short days away and so naturally I am just getting to the special outfits for my kids. First up, because I have an idea for it, is Lil’Miss’s dress. I remember getting a new dress for Easter every year- I remember white hats and frills and white sandals… so I try […]