5 Creative Activities To Do While Camping With Kids from Muse of the Morning

5 Creative Activities To Do While Camping With Kids

We went cabin camping this weekend. It was a lot of fun to be sure, although it rained a lot, keeping us inside much of the time. When the weather keeps you inside while camping, or after all the biking, hiking, swimming, canoeing and other camp activities are finished, kids might want some low key […]

Make a Pom-pom Garland with Muse of the Morning

Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

Garlands, garlands, garlands! Garlands are all the rage right now aren’t they? Well, we love them too, so Lil’ Miss and I put our own little spin on them and used one of our favorite supplies to make one for our Christmas tree. Here’s a tutorial on how we made it (after the obligatory cute […]

Make Kandinsky Inspired Monoprints with Muse of the Morning

Kandinsky Inspired Monoprints

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials out there on the interwebs for art projects based on Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky. Most involve painting concentric circles or cutting out circles. I was thinking of something that involved printmaking… no surprise there, right!? Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky, photo from NZ Fine Prints Well […]

Treasure Baskets For Babies & Toddlers - from Muse of the Morning

Treasure Baskets For Babies & Toddlers

The way babies learn about the world is directly through their senses- by picking things up and looking at them, feeling them, listening to them, mouthing them, smelling them. The treasure basket, also called a sensory basket is a Montessori concept, it’s a low round basket that is filled up with various items to stimulate […]

Learn About Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Back in my Nervousness days (anyone remember Nervousness?), I made a lot of ATCs and mail art. They’re probably out there buried in a bunch of ATC or mail art collections (my username was wundergirl back then if anyone has one). Now that I have a studio, time and artistic energy again, I’ve been making […]