Baking Soda and Vinegar Invitation To Play from Muse of the Morning

Baking Soda and Vinegar Invitation To Play

Do you create invitations to play in your home? An invitation to play is where you set up a little station or area with an interesting concept for your child to explore, or an open-ended art project for them to create. This can be in a special area that is just for activities like that, […]

Painting Mushroom Houses

Ah, the glorious days of summer…. I do love painting and doing art projects out of doors! I bought these sweet little mushroom houses from Clickity Clack (no affiliation, I just love them!) on etsy a really long time ago. My intent was to paint them up and give them as gifts to my kids. […]

How To Have A Girly Crafty Party! from Muse of the Morning

How To Have A Girly Crafty Party!

I’m a little later on this project than I think they wanted me to be. I hope that doesn’t make them not choose me again because these projects are a lot of fun! It’s just been super busy with camping three weekends in a row and sewing for patterns and whatnot. It’s a fun busy […]

Watercolor Printable Gift Tags from Muse of the Morning

Handmaking The Holidays: Watercolor Printable Gift Tags

Well, Handmaking The Holidays is almost over! Can you believe it, it’s been 5 weeks of amazing handmade holiday goodness! I’ll be back on Friday with a wrap up post. In the meantime, we still have a tutorial from Heather on Wednesday and I’m going to try to sneak back in here with a last […]

Have a Family Dance Party, complete with playlist - from Muse of the Morning

Family Dance Party

Today we have a guest post by Julian, one of the bloggers at Growing Up Gamers. Julian also happens to be The Hubs. LOL. He’s a great writer and he has some fun ideas to keep our family creative! Julian is a game designer with his own studio, Escapade Games. He and his business partner […]