Tutorial: Polka-Dot Shoes from Muse of the Morning

Tutorial: Polka-Dot Shoes

Spring is the perfect time to spice up your kicks for a little fun! This is an easy and fun project to do just that! You’ll need: – a pair of basic cloth sneakers – acrylic paints – a couple of pencils with erasers To get started, squeeze a little of each acrylic paint color […]

Color Mixing Fun with Kids - from Muse of the Morning

Color Mixing Fun – An Invitation To Play

Winter days when its too cold to go outside, you may often find yourself searching for activities to keep the little ones busy! Color mixing is a lot of fun to do on those sort of days and you only need a few materials that you probably already have around the house. You’ll need: liquid […]

BIG! MESSY! Art For Kids! a series for Muse of the Morning

BIG MESSY ART – Tons of Ideas for Summer Fun!

This week I did a whole series on BIG! MESSY! Art for Kids. Summertime is the best time to make the biggest, messiest art that you can because it dries fast and it cleans up easily- with the sprinkler or garden hose. And most days no one minds getting a little wet because it’s hot!

Big Messy Art: Paint on the Walls! from Muse of the Morning

Big Messy Art: Paint on the Walls!

Ok, ok… not actually the walls. Or maybe the walls. We painted on the fence, but this could easily be done on the side of your house or on the side of a shed. This project is for the series of BIG! MESSY! Art Projects for Kids that I’m doing this week. It’s Big! And […]

Big Messy Art: Painting With Body Parts from Muse of the Morning

Big Messy Art: Painting With Body Parts

Talk about BIG and MESSY!! How can it get more so!?!? Painting with the whole body is so much fun! It’s a great sensory experience, it’s messy just like kids love and it, and they actually end up cleaner afterward (because of the bath they have to have). The art though? Well… it didn’t turn […]