How to make wet-felted wool beads with Muse of the Morning

Wetfelting Wool Beads

Supplies: hot water soap (I like Sun or Dawn) wool roving or top your hands a bowl Step 1: I like to do a bunch of beads at one time, so I keep water in two pots on the stove heating on low and have one where I’m working. Scoop about 2 cups of hot […]

Bubble Wrap Textured Paper

What You Need:quality watercolor paper, water based paints, brush, and bubble wrap. Cover your paper with the paint. I used burgundy wine. Press bubble wrap onto the wet paper. Press to dry with the bubble wrap still on. When the paper is dry, remove the bubble wrap and wa-la! textured paper! Try this with crumpled […]

8 Really Easy & Inexpensive Ideas YOU Can Do To Set The Mood For A Party

Oh my, this week has gotten away from me! It’s been so very busy with birthday planning and creating, bike purchasing, and class-giving…. we’ll see if I can catch up! Here’s one of the posts that I promised you- 8 really simple and inexpensive ideas that you can do to make a party feel really […]

Some Studio Storage Solutions

As promised, this is part 2 of my posts about my Studio ReDo. Here’s the first post where I told you all about redoing the studio to make it a beautiful space! In this post, I’m going to show you some of the storage solutions that I’ve utilized in the studio. I want my studio […]

The Studio Re-Do: Before & After

When we moved in 5 months ago, it was such a busy time- we closed just 2 days before we moved, so we barely had time to pull out the disgusting 40 year old carpet and repaint the bedrooms. Then, moving right before Halloween…. well, let me just suggest to you to never move at […]