June 20, weekend inspiration from Muse of the Morning

Weekend Inspiration: Beautiful Things

Sometimes I just like to look at color and beautiful things and that’s what gets me inspired to create. Here are some things I’ve been looking at this week: Top: 1. Beautiful Rainbow Fairies from Rjabinnik and Rounien on Flickr 2. Miniature Mandalas from Margareth WALBECQ on Flickr 3. Lovely embroidery! Zipper Pouch in Gray […]

Your weekend inspiration from Muse of the Morning. Theme: Printmaking with kids

Weekend Inspiration: Printmaking With Kids

I’m having a hard time getting back into this regular blogging thing. I forgot to do my week in review this week and then I forgot the weekend inspiration. But, then I woke up super early today, so I thought I would whip something out. Something good though, I promise!! I’m also experimenting with layouts […]

weekend inspiration from Muse of the Morning

Weekend Inspiration

This weekend I thought I’d hit ya with some sweet pics I’ve been inspired by and looking at on Pinterest. Pretty yarn tassel garland from Jacks and Kate. You know how I love garlands!! This gorgeous embroidery on felt is included in a post called Crafty Time Wasting from The Pea Pod – I wish […]

One More AMAZING Studio Renovation!

First, before we get to the meat of this post, I just have to share the snack that Lil’Miss was ADAMANT that she make for us yesterday. We had to take a special shopping trip to get the bananas, since they’re not something we generally have around…. Isn’t it sweet? She made it all by […]

Round-Up: Inspirations This Week Feb 4

My inspirations this week are kind of all over the place! There is so much cute stuff out there! I’ve been thinking for a long time about some cute ideas to spice up the kids’ room- putting their names above their bed would be a good start. Here are two ideas I spied around the […]