Free Christmas Quotes Copywork Pages from Muse of the Morning

Handmaking The Holidays: Handwriting Quote Pages For Christmas

Welcome back to Handmaking the Holidays! You’ve probably been on a tour of my lovely partners in handmaking: Melissa from Love Bug Living Heather from Feather’s Flights Sandee from In The Hills of North Carolina They’ve come up with a lot of fun crafts and goodies for you to make for the holiday season this […]

DIY Your Own Lightbox with Muse of the Morning

DIY Your Own Lightbox

Lightboxes are so much fun and valuable in the classroom or at home! Children can use them for tracing designs and for exploring see through materials. A lightbox is great for exploring with colors and opacity. There is even evidence that light can be therapeutic to children and adults, especially in the winter, when there […]

Halloween Unit Study - auf Deutsch - from Muse of the Morning

Free Printable: Halloween Thematic Resource Guide (for Teaching German)

Download the PDF here. This resource guide has info about the origins of Halloween and how Halloween is celebrated in Germany, plus activities, recipes and more! Printable vocabulary cards to glue onto a category page with tracers and a bonus pumpkin activity sheet to create a jack-o-lantern with. There is also a vocab list to […]

Activities & Materials For The Lightbox - from Muse of the Morning

Activities & Materials For The Lightbox

We love our lightbox! Yesterday, I shared a tutorial on how to make your own lightbox for about $20. Today I’m going to share some fun things that we’ve found or bought inexpensively to play with on our lightbox. I like really open-ended play, so I basically put some materials out on the box and […]

Build Your Own Wörterbuch with printables from Muse of the Morning

Build Your Own Wörterbuch!

What better way to help your child learn German than to build a dictionary with them! Now, if I were to do this in English, I would just provide my daughter with the letter page and then we would search through magazines to find things that start with each letter. But, since she is newer […]