Art Activities For Any Unit

Sometimes you just can’t find a perfect activity to fit the theme that you’re working with. Here are art activities that you can adapt for any unit. How To Adapt These Activities To adapt these activities to any unit that you’re working on- encourage the children to create something that reminds them of the unit […]

Recipe Notebooking Pages

Lil’Miss wants to make a recipe book for someone for their birthday gift so I whipped up these notebooking pages for her. She’s going to write out 10 or more recipes and put them together in a binder for the gift. There’s lots of room for coloring in borders and a space for drawing a […]

Free Basic Notebooking Pages from Muse of the Morning

Free Basic Notebooking Pages

Man, I love notebooking! It’s just so simple, and yet allows for more complexity and creativity than any other homeschool system that I have learned about. A lot of times, we use notebooking pages that I find for free on the internet that are themed to whatever unit we’re working on. There are a lot […]