The Ultimate Guide to Country Studies from Muse of the Morning

The Ultimate List of Country Study Resources

This year, we’re doing some studies of different countries and cultures. We’ll start learning about a country/culture and do a little learning about it every week until interest starts to peter out. Then we’ll switch to another. How This Post Works Each title in bold is a facet (in no particular order) of different countries […]

Herbal Nature Study Resources, Printables and Recipes from Muse of the Morning

Herbal Nature Studies

This year, our nature study is consisting of studying the medicinal, culinary and magical uses of herbs. Lil’Miss is really into making “potions”, so she’s often asking which herbs are good for which uses. Because I would like to expand my herbal knowledge as well, we’re doing it together and each of us are putting […]

The Ultimate List of Resource Websites for Kids from Muse of the Morning

The Ultimate List of Research Websites for Kids

I love the spirit of sharing that is out there in the online homeschooling community. You can make a whole curriculum pretty much for free with just online resources. It’s a pretty awesome thing. I love sharing these Ultimate Lists- I try to make them as comprehensive as possible. Remember you can always tell me […]

Color Sorting Busy Bag Activity Tutorial from Muse of the Morning

Tutorial: Color Sorting Busy Bag Activity

A while ago, Stephanie suggested a Busy Bag swap. It sounded like a great idea to me because I am always looking for ways to keep the little guy busy while Lil’Miss is taking a class. A group of us decided to do a virtual swap. It was a lot of fun, looking for ideas […]

Make a Personal Pull-Out Timeline for including in a notebook ~ from Muse of the Morning

Make a Personal Timeline Pull-Out Book

We’re finally starting Story of the World and digging right into the first chapter. The book doesn’t specifically address a timeline, at least not at this point, but it does jump right in to asking how we know about things that happened. A timeline is a good way to keep track of the things that […]