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12 Inspiring ideas for embellishing, embroidering and appliqueing felt needle books. From Muse of the Morning

Weekend Inspiration: Amazing Needle Books

I love useful things that can also be beautiful. A needle book is exactly that. They’re perfect tiny canvases for showing off applique and embroidery. Like most things for myself, it took me a long time to make myself a decorated one. You can see mine in the photo below. I love experimenting with mixing […]

Fall Buntings and Banners round up from Muse of the Morning

Weekend Inspiration: Garlands for Autumn

Hooray hooray, it’s Fall at last!! It’s been a long hot summer and I have been begging for Autumn for quite some time. It’s finally here! And what a perfect way to celebrate with a beautiful garland to announce the change of season. Here is some inspiration to get started on one (or more!) for […]

Weekend Inspiration from Muse of the Morning- Gnomes!

Weekend Inspiration – Gnomes!

Hey guys! In July, I was so totally on the ball and I had all my posts scheduled and written ahead of time and I spent a lot of time working on the blog and stuff…. and then…. August. So I haven’t even gotten a weekend inspiration done! What!?!??! But I’m going to get back […]

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