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Warm Winter Hats Free Tutorials and Patterns on Muse of the Morning!

Weekend Inspiration: Warm Winter Hats

Today is Halloween… so I had the hardest time figuring out what to inspire you with this week. I wanted to do something Halloween-y being that it’s a holiday and everything, but then again, no one’s going to be working on anything but last minute costumes today… so I decided we should push further- I […]

Halloween Household Sewing and Crafting Weekend Inspiration from Muse of the Morning

Weekend Inspiration: Sewing For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner- are you sewing anything other than costumes? The costumes are all fun and everything, but it’s nice to sew something that we can enjoy longer than just the one day. Here are some fun ideas. 1. Flannel Halloween Pillows from Eighteen25 2. Crochet Skulls from Crochet Nirvana 3. Cute […]

12 Inspiring ideas for embellishing, embroidering and appliqueing felt needle books. From Muse of the Morning

Weekend Inspiration: Amazing Needle Books

I love useful things that can also be beautiful. A needle book is exactly that. They’re perfect tiny canvases for showing off applique and embroidery. Like most things for myself, it took me a long time to make myself a decorated one. You can see mine in the photo below. I love experimenting with mixing […]

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