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Weekend Inspiration from Muse of the Morning- Gnomes!

Weekend Inspiration – Gnomes!

Hey guys! In July, I was so totally on the ball and I had all my posts scheduled and written ahead of time and I spent a lot of time working on the blog and stuff…. and then…. August. So I haven’t even gotten a weekend inspiration done! What!?!??! But I’m going to get back […]

How To Make A Bottle Cap Pincushion from Muse of the Morning

Tutorial: How To Make A Bottle Cap Pincushion

A while ago, I posted a tutorial for making a pincushion from a mayonaise jar lid. I alluded to being able to use a bottle cap, but I thought I would finish that thought and show you how to make one from a smaller bottle cap. I love these bottle cap pincushions a lot. I […]

BIG! MESSY! Art For Kids! a series for Muse of the Morning

BIG MESSY ART – Tons of Ideas for Summer Fun!

This week I did a whole series on BIG! MESSY! Art for Kids. Summertime is the best time to make the biggest, messiest art that you can because it dries fast and it cleans up easily- with the sprinkler or garden hose. And most days no one minds getting a little wet because it’s hot! […]

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