BIG MESSY ART – Tons of Ideas for Summer Fun!

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BIG! MESSY! Art For Kids! a series for Muse of the Morning

This week I did a whole series on BIG! MESSY! Art for Kids. Summertime is the best time to make the biggest, messiest art that you can because it dries fast and it cleans up easily- with the sprinkler or garden hose. And most days no one minds getting a little wet because it’s hot!

Below, you’ll find the posts that I wrote this week with Big! Messy! Art that we did and then you’ll find a whole bunch more inspiration for your own BIG! MESSY! Art Play!! I hope you’ll get out some art supplies and make a mess!!

Big Messy Art: How to Make Sidewalk Paint
Learn how to make sidewalk paint and make a some lovely art!

BIG MESSY Art for Kids: Paint on BIG Paper with Muse of the Morning
Use really big sheets of paper for some lovely outdoor painting!

BIG MESSY ART: Painting with body parts from Muse of the Morning
Paint with body parts and then run through the sprinkler to get clean!

BIG MESSY ART! Make it Bigger - Paint the Walls with Muse of the Morning
Make it even bigger and paint on the walls!!

Inspiration for more MESSY fun!!

Make BIG MESSY ART! Weekend Inspiration to get messy and make some lovely art!

1. Experiment with baking soda and vinegar and food coloring! from Muse of the Morning
2. Paint with Frozen Paint from Hands On As We Grow
3. 7 Amazing Ways to Make Ice Chalk from Reading Confetti- you really must try some of these!

4. Make art with MUD! from Hugs are Fun
5. Paint with a spray bottle from Gift of Curiousity – this would be a fun one for the kids to spray each other and then wash off in the sprinkler!
6. Make Shaving Cream Prints from What Do We Do All Day

7. Fill some eggs with paint and throw them at a canvas from Growing a Jeweled Rose
8. Here’s a family who knows how to make messy art from Sense of Wonder
9. Do a little splatter painting from Mom To 2 Posh Lil Divas

And here’s even more ideas!!
Check out a whole bunch of “messy play” posts from Learn Imagine Play!
Make Paint Bombs! from Growing a Jeweled Rose
Make window paint and paint the windows, from Hands on As We Grow
Paint with water balloons from Reading Confetti
Fly swatter painting from Reading Confetti

Let the world be your canvas and embrace the mess!! You’ll be so happy you did!!

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