What We’ve Been Doing This Summer…..

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Well, things are getting underway for our join up with ArtistryCreates in October, but it’s been remarkably hard to get into a rhythm for summer. I’ve been transferring over all the links and goodies and working on a brand new pattern! It’s pretty exciting.

We’ve also been enjoying the cool summer, and the random hot days that have come along as well. Lots of water, lots of delicious local food, lots of music…. it’s been lovely.

We’ve been listening to lots of music in the park and at Farmer’s Markets….

Enjoying the giant water slide at the Whitaker River Festival…

Even when she got stuck halfway down…

Playing in every source of water we could find….

Enjoying a sleeveless magician… he was pretty funny!

And snowcones….

And enjoying summer’s bounty (don’t you love how she ignores the chex mix and goes right for the blueberries!)….

And me? I’ve been relaxing in the shade and catching up on my shelf full of unread books.

It’s been lovely.

I’ll get some work done tomorrow.

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