Turn The Practically Perfect Tee Shirt into a Practically Perfect Tank Top

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The great thing about this pattern is that is has almost everything you need in a tee shirt! Long sleeves, short sleeves…. One thing that’s missing is a tank top. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to turn the pattern into a lovely- and modest tank for this coming summer!

You will need fabric and pattern pieces (A, B and C) for the body – back and front of the shirt, and ribbing, self fabric or a rib knit for the neckband and armbands. In addition to other normal sewing things, you will need a tape measure to measure out the armband.

Cut out front, back, neckline and 2 armbands from measurements below. Mark center of armband.

The narrow width of each armband should be 1 or 1.25 inches- I wouldn’t go wider than that because then the ribbing will bend under the arm and it looks funny. One inch might be a little small for beginners though, so I recommend starting with the 1.25 inches and see how you like that. The length of the armband ribbing is noted below by size:

Size 8 – 10.25 inches
Size 7 – 10 inches
Size 6 – 9.75 inches
Size 5 – 9.5 inches
Size 4 – 9.25 inches
Size 3 – 9 inches
Size 2 – 8.75 inches
Size 18 mos – 8.5 inches

Sew front to back and neckline as directed in the pattern instructions.

Fold armband in half lengthwise. Pin center of armband to shoulder seam.
With raw edges together (and right side of tee shirt body up), sew the armband into the shoulder, stretching and easing to fit.

Sew the sides of the body and the hem as directed in the pattern instructions. I did a faux lettuce hem because I really like the look.

I really love how this tank top whips up- and I really mean “whips up” – it’s a super fast pattern! You can find the Practically Perfect Tee Shirt Pattern on our shopping cart or our etsy.

Chrissy writes for Muse of the Morning.com

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  1. Very cute patteren! Glad to know. Might sew for my girls, I just don’t like the spaghetti strap tank tops. 🙂

  2. Is the body of the shirt a knit or just plain cotton print?? Super cute.

    • Hi Kathi,
      Thank you for checking out my tutorial! I usually make t-shirts from cotton knit interlock, which is what this one is made of. You can also use jersey knit, although that doesn’t have quite as much stretch as interlock. 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Thanks Chrissy,i also always use t-shirt knits,but the last few years we havn’t been able to find many of those knit fabrics around where i live.All we have is Joann’s and they don’t carry much of anything in the knit/stretch dept.

    I like the print you used,and that is why i thought it might be just cotton.Do you have a good source to buy t-shirt knits from?? I
    ve been buying mens t-shirts on sale and at the goodwill to make leggins and t’s for my great gk’s.

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