Stripe-y Coasters

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*** What are “Creative Starters”? This is a short description of a really cool craft that we’ve made- with a couple pictures of the finished product and some instructions to get you started to make your own. Have fun!! ***

These coasters were a lot of fun to make. I took a charm pack of 6 inch squares and cut them into different sized strips. Then I sewed the strips together to make one big line of strips.

I cut the big line of strips, some solid colored fabric and some cotton batting into 4 or 5 inch squares using my rotary cutter.

Layer the solid square and a square of the striped fabric with right sides together. Add on a layer of the cotton batting and sew with a 1/4inch seam allowance, leaving a section of one side open. Clip corners and if you’re so inspired, clip the batting really close to the seam.

Turn right side out and top stitch 1/8inch close to the side, closing up the open edge as you go. Voila! Finished!!

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