Some tips for Sewing the Mini Diaper & Cover Pattern

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Here are some tips and techniques to make the Mini Diaper and Cover easier to put together!

  • To save a little on FOE; after sewing the FOE around the sides of the cover, simply serge across the front, catching the PUL and lining layers. It may not save a ton, but it makes the sewing easier and if sew a ton of covers, it will add up!!
  • When using fleece for your cover, I highly recommend using 1 inch FOE, as it will gather more tightly.
  • When making single layer covers- especially for the newborn size, try putting a tiny bit of microfleece in the front- it will help avoid irritation from rubbing on that newborn umbilical stump! This is a yellow single layer PUL cover, with cream microfleece in the front.
  • You can find the Artistry Baby Cover and One Size Mini Diaper in our shop!

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