Round-Up: It’s Totally Sock Weather!

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The other day I woke up and my floor was freezing! It was perfect weather to put on a pair of socks. Mmmmmmm….. fall, my favorite time of year- time for soups and root veggies, sweaters and wristwarmers while I work on the computer and yes, socks. Ankle socks, knee socks, bobby socks, warm socks, pretty socks, colorful socks!

In honor of the lovely sock weather, here’s a round up of some fun ways to make your own socks or spice up ones you already own… fun stuff! Check out these tutorials!

1. Make your own socks from knit fabric with Me Sew Crazy. This one looks like a lot of fun- think of all the socks you could make!
2. Lace Socks Tutorial from I Still Love You – these are so cute and easy!

3. Here’s a Sock Tutorial for socks without seams bothering your heel! Nice! From The Flowery Skirt
4. Another Sock Tutorial– this one is specifically for fleece – from

5. This pair almost makes me want to knit, from Cozy Things
6. Here’s a pair for your gentlemen friends from Yarn Harlot.

Now that you’ve made some amazing gorgeous socks, let’s spice up the ones you already have!

7. You could Tie Dye your socks with Crafting A Green World.
8. Or sew on some Stegosaurus Spikes to some ready made socks (or ones you are making!) – from Happy Together.

9. Add some cute ruffles to baby socks or your socks, with The Mother Huddle.
10. Or some pretty lace at the top of your knee socks, from Better Life Bags.

11. Here’s a way to re-purpose an old sweater sleeve into adorable baby socks! (from Made By Joel)
12. Not making or decorating socks, but here is a bag for stashing lost socks from the L-T experience.

And then there are some cute things you can make from socks!

13. Make a sweet little owl from mismatched socks from Whimsy Loft.
14. And look at this darling little kitty from a guest post on Craft Passion.

If you’re doing the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley, most of these would be awesome to use. But don’t forget to do some for yourself as well!

Tell me about your favorite pair of socks or what you’re doing to warm up your feet this fall….

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