Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

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Garlands, garlands, garlands! Garlands are all the rage right now aren’t they? Well, we love them too, so Lil’ Miss and I put our own little spin on them and used one of our favorite supplies to make one for our Christmas tree. Here’s a tutorial on how we made it (after the obligatory cute baby pics).

Pom poms. Tiny, squishy, cute, soft, colorful. When they are all together in a bowl, they just look like fun for running my hands through and squishing and throwing….

And maybe for stuffing in my mouth?

Ooops! Mom, you caught me!

Ok, on to the tutorial:

To make our garland, I used half a skein of embroidery floss and strung it on a darning needle to be easier for Lil’ Miss to use. Then we simply strung them on the floss. One thing we found was that it’s really tough to get the needle through the actual center of the pom pom, so we strung slightly off center. That might just be because of the big needle though.

Even though I had lots and lots of colors, we stuck with green, white and red for this garland, adding in a yellow one every now and then. We found packs of green, white, red and black pom poms at the Dollar Tree.

When we were done, we tied our two garlands together to make one large one.

Until we got our tree up, we put the pom pom garland on the mantle nestled around my Santas.

Now it’s on the tree though. I want to make more of these garlands for every season!! They’re cute, easy and fun!

So, what have you been making this holiday season? If you’re posting on a blog, link to it, I’d love to see! If you don’t, just tell us about your projects!

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