Ok. Let’s Talk About Something Else.

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So Summer Cool Camp hasn’t been going all that great. Or rather, it hasn’t been going at all. K & J’s family has had some health issues and for some reason if they’re not here, I guess I don’t really feel like carrying on without them. Don’t get me wrong, we still do stuff, it’s just more like biking to the park and hanging out. Much less ado.

Anyway, since we haven’t been doing Cool Camp, I’ve felt bad about posting about anything else, so then I just didn’t. All that blogging guilt or something. But, I’m over it now.

So, let’s talk about something else.

I’d like to introduce you to another hobby of ours.

We are medieval re-enactors! You might have heard about the Society For Creative Anachronism (or SCA). The SCA is a group of people who are “dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts, skills, and traditions of pre-17th-century Europe.” (from the SCA About Page).

The Hubs introduced me to the SCA the very first year we met, taking me to the one yearly event that he traditionally went to. I was enthralled of course and we started going to more events each year. I was especially excited about sewing medieval clothing, called garb, for myself and The Hubs. Then when Lil’ Miss was born and making garb for her was fun too!

Isn’t she adorable in her garb- this was when Lil’Miss was two.

Some of the fun of the SCA is the fighting. Fighters wear real armor and fight with rattan swords.

Acorn War 2010

The Hubs’ has never taken part in a war or tournament, but he has some pieces of armor and he fights with friends sometimes. Isn’t he cute in his armor?

Another fun thing about the SCA is learning about medieval crafts of all sorts- but not just learning about them- creating items and making them able to fit in your car to take to events! We have friends who create medieval furniture, shields, armor, who do wood turning, metalwork, singing and dancing, lots and lots who sew garb and many other medieval crafts. This sort of hobby fits right into my other interests of living simply and naturally- because that’s what medieval people did!

We played for a bunch of years, but then we had to stop for various reasons and other things in our lives filled up the space where the SCA had been. Except that lots of our friends still play and so we get to hear about all the fun stuff they’re doing all the time. And they’re having a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun…. We day-tripped an event about 2 years ago, but I was pregnant with Mr.Man and we left early because of my nausea. It’s been 4 years since we camped at an SCA event!

Time to go back. With The Hubs being so busy right now, we’re not able to camp at an event right now (even though he told me that we would be able to), so instead we’re day-tripping this weekend. I’m really excited, and I’ve been working on making sure the kids have garb to wear.

Here’s Mr.Man wearing a tunic that used to be Lil’Miss’s. I made him some pants from my Truly Scrumptious Pattern (they really are adaptable!) and added some trim down the side.

And Lil’Miss in a tester dress from 2 years ago… I added a length of fabric to the bottom and some cute trim over the seam.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about this because if we do get back into playing regularly (which is what I hope), then I’ll probably post some fun medieval type tutorials here on the blog….

If you’re interested and inspired, here’s my SCA dreaming…. pinterest board. I focus on Flemish outfits of the 15-1600s and some Tudor era and early Elizabethan stuff for myself. I would also like to make myself some early Norse garb. For the Hubs, he’s kind of basic early period English- lots of tunics and baggy pants- he doesn’t mind late period stuff, but

So, that’s a little something about us that you might not have expected to see…. what kind of offbeat, exciting hobbies do you have hidden away?

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