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Since I bought my first computer, I’ve been searching for my place on the interwebs. I’ve had many different websites- free ones in the beginning, and then ones I paid for the hosting. I think that a major thrill is just designing a new site, exploring the powers that a little PHP and CSS give me over the look of what a viewer is seeing. Also, the idea of teaching people possibly all over the world some interesting things that I have learned. And of course a little displaying of my art or other things that I can do.

I swear I’ve started a site for each and every hobby that I’ve ever taken on. And this has been quite a few.

Here’s the sad part. I always get bored with the name or the subject or something and move on to something else. But I also end up coming back- at least to the hobby or craft if not to the name of a website that I’ve chosen.

This is why I think that I haven’t updated any of my sites on a regular basis terribly well. And why no site is ever finished! I keep trying to separate all my ideas into the different sites, when in reality, they are all connected by the fact that they are the things that I do. That they are my ideas and activities and even though my interests vary, they all belong together.

And that’s where this post comes in. I’m closing them all down. I finally figured out that my blog, that Muse of the Morning and my Etsy page can all represent what I want them to. So, all the sites that I have going right now (which, surprisingly, is only 2 others at present) are merging with Muse of the Morning. Come hell or high water, Muse of the Morning is my website and I am not going to have any other.

So, if you liked Herb N’ Growth, you’ll find all that content here, and more. If you liked Cooperative Curriculum… again… all that content will move over here now. CreativelyWebbed? Yep, it’s all moving over here. Any other website I’ve owned in the past, it’s all coming here and this will be the place.

On that note, there are some new things- I’ve added my art portfolioand my web design portfolio, though neither are done yet. I’ve added some new sections to the Etsy shoppe that represents more of my interests. You’ll see things added there in days to come.

And that’s it. That’s the end of the story. It’s all moving here and it’s going to be amazing. The design might change more often of course since I won’t have all those sites to design anymore, but I think it will be quite lovely and fun.

Is there anyone else out there who is like this? I know there are people who have tons and tons of hobbies and interests- but who starts a site for each one or even just multiple sites? Why do you do it? And are there benefits to that? Why not keep all your interests together?

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  1. It’s funny – I started doing the same thing about a week ago. All I’ve done so far though is create a new Facebook page to combine them all, and I’ve started the shut down process of my other 2 pages (bettas and fiber co). Seems we have reached the same conclusion 🙂 I want to do the same with a new website, but I need to come up with a design – want to trade for yarn? lol

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