Lunchtime Handpies

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These are so awesome!! Since you make up so many at one time, they are perfect for freezing for lunches. Wrap them in wax paper or saran wrap and store them in the freezer. For lunch, take one out and microwave for about a minute to reheat. Yum!!

What You Need:
Rhoades white roll dough (or make your own and measure out the right size)
Filling- look for recipes at the end
Flour for rolling

1. Spray a muffin tin with spray oil and set a roll in each one. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit overnight to thaw. In the morning. preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Set out a baking sheet and sprinkle with corn meal.

2. Take a roll and flatten it. Roll it out until its about 6 inches around.

3. Move your roll onto the baking sheet. Add a small amount of filling on one side of the flattened roll. Fold the other side over and press closed with your fingers or a fork. If the handpie seems to have a hard time closing, use a little water or eggwhite around the edges to “glue” it shut.

4. When your baking tray is full, brush a little egg white on the top of the handpies to make them all shiny and beautiful looking (optional).

5. Bake for about 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven. They should be nice and golden brown.

Filling Ideas
The fillings are really fun to think of- just put together some foods that your family normally likes! Here are some that we’ve come up with:

Lasagne: What I did here was brown some ground beef and make a spaghetti sauce. In the hand pie, I put a dollop of the sauce, then added ricotta and some olives. Tip: Spread the ricotta on the bottom, don’t dollop it in- apparently the meat reheats really fast, but the ricotta stays frozen!

Pizza: Just spread a little homemade pizza sauce, add mossarella cheese and pepperoni and olives. Or sausage! Or pineapple and ham- lots of variations here!

Ham & Cheddar: Cut sandwich meat up into small pieces and add that and a little grated cheddar. You could really do any kind of sandwich meat or really any cooked meat!

Chicken, Broccoli and Provolone: Fry up some chicken breast with good spices (I generally use garlic, onion, oregano… whatever I happen to have). Thaw a bag of frozen broccoli. Get sliced provolone and cut the slices in half. Put half a slice of provolone on the bread, then add a spoonful of broccoli and cooked chicken. I usually put a 1/4 slice of provolone on top then cover it up! You could also try mozzarella instead of provolone and spinach instead of broccoli. Try adding a little minced garlic.

Veggies in a white sauce: This one promises to be messy- but OH so yummy. Make a thicker white sauce to decrease drips. Add meat for a pot pie taste.

Marinara Chicken: Yeah, just like it says- a spoonful of marinara, some chicken chunks, maybe a little cheese? (We love cheese)

Cream Cheese Chicken: 2 c shredded chicken, 3 oz cream cheese, 1tbsp dried chives and 1 tbsp milk. Mix with your hands.

Chicken with Feta: Cubed/shredded cooked chicken with feta cheese and olives.

Black and Bleu: Browned ground beef, black pepper and bleu cheese.

Pierogies: Red potatoes, cooked and cubed. Add to sauteed onions along with a little bacon bits and parsley. Add a dollop to the dough and add some grated cheddar.

(Thanks to the mamas at DSD for the awesome handpie filling ideas!)

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