Handmaking The Holidays: Watercolor Printable Gift Tags

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Well, Handmaking The Holidays is almost over! Can you believe it, it’s been 5 weeks of amazing handmade holiday goodness! I’ll be back on Friday with a wrap up post. In the meantime, we still have a tutorial from Heather on Wednesday and I’m going to try to sneak back in here with a last minute gift idea on Thursday.

Well, it’s nearly Christmas, and Solstice is on Friday… so it’s time to start wrapping those gifts that you’ve been making. Sandee over at In the Hills of North Carolina just shared a round up of wrapping ideas. Today, you can put some gift tags on your lovely presents with these gift tags.

The gift tags are a perfect winter afternoon activity to do with your children. Here’s what you do:

Take some watercolor paper and cut it down to 8.5 x 12 inches.

Now do some beautiful watercoloring on the paper. You can use wet on wet, dry on wet, wet on dry… whatever watercolor process you like. I really like using my pretty watercolors on wetted paper. To wet the paper, take a wet, wrung out washcloth and lay it over the paper for a few moments, then paint!

The only thing to remember here is to make patterns, not a particular design because they will be cut up.

Even the littlest guys can join in. Mr.Man loves mixing using watercolors.

Let the papers dry and the next morning, send them through the printer with this print out. Make sure to print it out on the BACK side of your watercolors.

Now cut them out, punch holes where they’re shown and attach to your gifts!

Don’t forget to downloadthe printable by clicking here!

Chrissy Leiberan-Titus writes for Muse of the Morning.com

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  1. ADORABLE!! I especially love the family picture and the dad participating, now that’s a REAL man! Kudos to him for being the kind of man that plays with his kids! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂

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