Gettin’ Over It And Some Kid’s Printmaking….

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Wow! I am so sorry! It has been quite a while since I posted. In my defense, the entire family decided to take sick after the Cinco de Mayo Party two weekends ago and I was the last to get it. Lil’ Miss started by going to her first swim lesson last Tuesday and then throwing up all. night. long. Sorry, TMI, I know. But that’s just how it’s been around here.

Anyway, I have decided that I will not be sick any longer. I just cannot allow it. Besides the whole lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself thing, and not getting any work done… well also The Hubs has a tendency to let the whole house fall apart if he has to take care of kids. He did have a big work deadline that he was working toward, so I’ll forgive him for some of it, but yeah. My house is trashed. So, I’m over it. Well, I’m getting over it. In about 20 minute increments, which is all I can stand up for right now.

No worries. It is time to get back on the train! So on to the real meat of this post!

In spite of all my fears and misgivings, I started a Printmaking Class for Kids at the beginning of May. I actually had so much interest, that I opened another session and so I have two classes right now! It’s pretty cool! Definitely a learning experience, but also very fun.

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing:

We started out by discussing “what is printmaking?” I love their ideas. They mostly had some idea about making prints on paper. Lil’ Miss, of course knew all about it.

Then we rolled out some paint and talked about the tools and did some stamping with found objects. The first class was mostly about learning vocabulary and about the tools- brayer, baren, ink, plexi glass, palette knife….

The kids used found objects to make some designs. Some were really into it as you can see above, and made some awesome patterns and designs. Some just stamped, trying out the different tools. I had some silicone muffin cups, un-sharpened pencils, lots of corks, a couple forks, toilet paper rolls, and other little things I found around the house.

Next, we made our own printing blocks. This post from WhipUp inspired the project. Kids wrapped a piece of yarn around a piece of 2×4 and then they pressed it into our rolled out ink (acrylic paint works just as well, but it doesn’t roll out well) and stamped it on their paper. On the first paper, I asked them to print once, then turn and print it 90 degrees and make a pattern like the one at WhipUp, but on their second sheets, they could do it however they liked. This is one girl’s version, she used blue and purple.

These pics are from our day on monoprints. We practiced rolling out the ink.

Burnishing with a baren, wooden spoon or their hands…

And seeing what happened!

I love the look on Lil’ Miss’s face as she lifts her paper up and is surprised by what she sees.

And their work is all hung up to dry- look at all that hard work!

Next week, I will share some specific projects to give you all some ideas for printmaking with children. What sort of printmaking activities have you done already?

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