Extend-A-Tabs extend the life of your diaper covers!

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Mr. Man has no butt. Apparently he gets it from my dad. So, his rise is very short, but being a ginormous baby, he is normal around the waist and thighs for the rest of his size. So what that is meaning is that he still fits in smalls through the rise, but the waist and thighs are too small for him. And mediums are way too big still! Oops. Time to draft a new pattern.

Or, with just a few cents worth of touchtape, we could make these handy dandy extend-a-tabs that would help with any touchtape or aplix pattern that needs a little extra through the waist to get us through for a while…

What you need:
3 inches of 1.5inch wide Touchtape LOOP side
1.5 inches of 1.5 inch wide Touchtape HOOK side

It’s pretty easy to do.

Put the hook and loop back to back, putting the hook on one half of the loop.

With a wide zig zag stitch, sew the two pieces together right down the middle. Make sure you catch the edge of the hook!

Now that they’re secure together, round off the edge where the hook and loop are together.

Sew around the edge of the extend-a-tab with your needle right up against the right side. Sew slowly around the rounded corners.

Ok, it’s done!
With the inside of the cover facing you, apply the loop side of the tab to the hook side of the cover.

And voila! You have a cover that will last you a while longer now! Way to make those covers last!

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  1. Ohhh, good idea! I need to do those for Jack’s large diapers, I don’t think he’ll be in diapers long enough to warrant a bunch of new covers in a bigger size, but the tabs are barely reaching across… Thanks for the great idea and clear walkthrough!!!

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