Baked Springrolls

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Another easy lunch to make up and freeze. Keep a few single serving packets of soy sauce in the fridge and toss them together in a lunch box. Microwave for a minute or less to reheat. They are so tasty! Even my 4 year old loves them!

Spring roll wrappers from your local asian grocery store (in the freezer section) i prefer the 8 inch size
Filling- I used boiled, shredded chicken with lots of seasonings and brocslaw (available in the veggie section, refridgerated). Frozen mixed veggies also work well, or try rice with seasonings and/or meat/ vegetables…. anything really

1. Your spring roll wrappers have to defrost for 6 hours. Remove them from the package and set them on a plate, covered with a wet dish towel (very important). I also have put the whole package in the fridge overnight, and they seem to be just right in the morning.

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and spray a baking sheet with oil.
Separate one wrapper from the top of the pile. Lay it out on the counter. Put filling in a diagonal line, about 2-3 inches in from each corner.

3. Fold the diagonal corners in, and then roll up like a burrito.
Use a little water on both sides of the end to help it keep closed. Place the spring rolls on the baking sheet and spray them with oil too, to help them keep from burning.

4. Bake them from 15-20 minutes, until they are all brown and yummy looking on the edges. Serve with a little soy sauce for dipping or even better- drizzling!!

Here’s a link to the printable version. Enjoy!

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