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So, we finally got moved in, and now we get the tremendous task of unpacking. One thing that I’m really looking forward to getting to is my new little sewing area. It’s going to be a lot smaller than I have ever had before, but I got a couple of cool furniture pieces to make it really work for me.

In my anticipation, I’ve been searching Flickr for small sewing and craft space photos to get some inspiration. There are a lot of really cute little spaces that I came across. Here are a few for your inspirational pleasure… let me know what you like!

Here is one from Thumblycraft a crafter and web designer. I really like the simple look to Valentina’s space, and the beautiful desk.. and that basket!

This is Sharilyn‘s space. It looks like it’s in a closet- which is a great way to keep your sewing from infecting the rest of your living space. Look at all her fat quarters stacked so nicely on the top shelf! And everything is so lovely and organized.

Now this one from is probably my favorite- I think it’s the color contrast with the simple white walls and the bright pink sewing machine. I also love her dressing table that she sews on, it really inspired me to make sure to get a desk to sew on.

It seems like the key to small spaces is to have really orderly and easily accessible storage- like in this small space from The benefit to using a table, as you can see in this pic, is that it allows you more storage underneath. The cabinet to the right is also lovely, keeping fabric out of sight!

And lastly, another fresh, clean space from I like Orange, too. Again, she uses a table allowing for more storage underneath. The shelves above leave everything orderly.

Now, on to my space… well I’ll have to get it all set up first, but I promise its coming soon! I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas from these ladies and other people who’ve posted pictures on Flickr and around the internets. I’m looking forward to finding cute storage containers and putting this whole area together! Anyone else out there have small crafting areas that are really inspirational? Link to them in the comments- I’d love to see your space!

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  1. Oh, thank you so much for including my sewing space! It’s incredible how much a tiny space can hold and how can you make it beautiful! Now I look forward to see yours! Ciao!

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