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Weekend Inspiration Round-Up: Botanical Embroideries from Muse of the Morning

Weekend Inspiration: Botanical Embroideries

Is anyone dreaming of spring yet? I was really inspired by my most recent post about Herbal Studies to look up some beautiful plant inspired embroideries. Here are some beautiful botanical embroideries to inspire you. Some of these are pretty intricate- if you start now, you might be able to finish by spring!! 1. botanical […]

Herbal Nature Study - resources, printables, recipes and more on Muse of the Morning

Herbal Nature Studies

This year, our nature study is consisting of studying the medicinal, culinary and magical uses of herbs. Lil’Miss is really into making “potions”, so she’s often asking which herbs are good for which uses. Because I would like to expand my herbal knowledge as well, we’re doing it together and each of us are putting […]

Weekend Inspiration: Embroidered Hearts with Muse of the Morning

Weekend Inspiration: Embroidered Hearts

I’m going to let the hearts speak for themselves today. I love this compilation image, with all the sweet hearts!! Have fun, and be inspired this weekend! 1. Love Quilted Pillow from Quilt World 2. Embroidering Hearts from Imogen Eve 3. Embroidered Heart from TAFA List 4. Crafty Time Wasting from The Pea Pod 5. […]

Heart Embroidery Sampler Ornament Tutorial from Muse of the Morning

Tutorial: Linen Heart Embroidery Sampler Ornament

It seems like it was just Winter Solstice and the Christmas holidays, and here it is almost Valentine’s Day! If you’re looking for just the thing to make for your sweetheart, I think I have a great idea for you! Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas trees. I love to have certain ornaments hanging around all […]

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